Monday, 27 January 2014

One Day

One day I wish it could be just like it never was,
One day I wish that I just didn’t care
No emotion no connection
No feelings of guilt
No burning no yearning
No missing feelings, no restless sleepings.

One day I wish that I could just wipe the slate clean
and start from the beginning
No memories, no time gone by,
No past friendships, no complexities of the mind
No love, no hate, no wasted years
No thoughts, no pain, no fallen tears.
Just to unmesh, start afresh
One day I wish that I could just be me


Be free, no-one owns a part of me
I can just up and fly away
and start a brand new day
dispel my memory of you
my life as me so overdue

I don’t want this game no more
I’ve shed my blood please no more gore,
Please please please I beg you now,
Please please please no more pain
I can’t go on I surrender
I give up I lay down and die
Take the trophy pat yourself on the back
I’ve dug my trench, now I’m down just throw more dirt on me
I’m buried now its all gone dark,
plant a rose bush or just a carpark
Gone gone gone, I’m not coming back,

Turn out the light and fade to white.

  India April 98

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